The holiday season can bring out the most nostalgic for many, trimming the tree and stuffing stockings. But for me, it’s bah humbug. Who needs the cold! If nothing else, holiday season is code for vacation - and nowhere says vacation more than a beach in the tropics. This year, I found my way back to one of my favorite of all places - the island of Bali, in Indonesia. For many of us in the United States, Bali is not the first place that comes to mind, with the Caribbean’s more convenient a travel destination. But when in Asia, might as well do as Asians do. All in all, the amenities aren’t all that different from the Caribbean’s. All the prerequisite water sports are available, from snorkeling to surfing to water skiing. And if the beach isn’t your milieu, than eco friendly tours are also available, including zip line tours through the thick Balinese jungles. But of course, it’s the resorts and the beaches that are the main attraction. In all, everything seems very familiar, except for the language and the food, which obviously is Indonesian and Balinese - which makes the experience all the more exotic than familiar.