The Mercedes GL is a car in a class of it’s own, especially here in Europe. It is the only supersized optional 3 row luxury SUV that is currently available in Europe. BMW, Audi, and Land Rover doesn’t have one. Believe me - I’ve looked, and there isn’t one. Admittedly, back on our side of the pond, the much larger full-time three row Cadillac Escalade ESV is also available. But when you consider the build quality of the models from Detroit, the Escalade ESV cannot compare to the GL. The GL - other than a size disadvantage - is much better. The built quality is better. There are no gaping panel gaps on the exterior or in the interior. And from the driver’s perspective, the driving experience is far better in the Mercedes. The cornering is surprisingly good for a large SUV. But more importantly, driving the GL does not tire you out, unlike the Escalade.

What I like most about the GL is it's a proper Mercedes Benz. When you own one, you really do feel like you're getting your money’s worth out of a luxury vehicle. It feels like what a Mercedes should feel like - which cannot be said of any of Mercedes' non AMG saloons and compacts ranging from the E class to the A class. So like I said, the GL is in a class of it’s own - or at least until BMW releases it’s much anticipated X7 big SUV. But for now, it is the king of the large three row SUV.