For the last two days, I’ve been listening to nothing but David Bowie on my playlist. I even ran to it. I am in mourning, or at least, as much as any one person could who is not closely related to him. But music fans cannot always make that distinction so easily. Invariably, we want to believe that his music had mattered on a personal level, that somehow, his loss mattered in a deeply more profound way. We want to believe that his music - that his being on this earth had touched our lives and changed us. And as much as I search for a memory or an anecdote, finding one evades me. All I can say is that I loved listening to his music during my formative years, and I still do. And I still find great pleasure listening to the integrity of his music, it’s complexity, and the variation of styles. But more importantly, now as I am listening to his music, it brings me back to a time - not a memory - but a feeling, the way music has the ability to transport us back to the past. Only now, that warm glow of nostalgia seem less blissful, in that his death brings me back to the cold reality of the present - that I am reminded that David Bowie is no longer with us, and that his leaving us marks the passage of time. I may not have a profound memory of how he had influenced my life, but I did love his music very much. Thank you David Bowie for being in my life - even though it was only through your music. You will be missed, but your music will live on forever in my playlist and the playlists of countless old and new fans alike - only just discovering the genius of your life's work that many fans have already discovered as rebelious young teens many many years ago.

PS: With that said, I'm going to go out and get Blackstar right away. It isn't often that an artist releases his requiem to the world just days before his last day on earth. Safe trip Starman.